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HD Front Upper Strut Mount - P1 S40 V50 C30 C70

IPD - 124511

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One Year Parts Warranty
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Repair & maintenance
OE References
Genuine Volvo - 30681546, 30647733, 30666194, 8646174

Product Description

Original style upper strut mounts on these models typically fail over time in the joint between the rubber portion and the center of the mount. The rubber is not vulcanized to the center piece and the friction between the two materials degrades the rubber and slowly increases the gap. This eventually leads to excessive play and hard part contact. Stiffer struts can exacerbate this wear.

This heavy duty version is vulcanized and has NO gap between the materials. This drastically reduces friction and wear. While this may introduce some additional road feel and road noise to the ride, we feel it's well worth the added stiffness to increase the longevity of the part.

Potential Product Fitment Issues

IPD has investigated premature failures of the upper strut mount on P1 models and found that the primary reason for this is that the strut is bottoming out and hammering the mount.  This should not happen during normal operation of the car on normal roads.

If your strut breaks through this mount and hits your hood, then the strut is bottoming out.

This is guaranteed to happen on lowered cars if the strut is not replaced with a strut that is designed for lowered vehicles.

We have also seen some stock style replacement struts from that do not allow enough travel and bottom out during normal operation of the vehicle on normal roads.

The strut mounts should not be used with coilovers. A solid "pillowball" style of strut mount should be used with coilovers.

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