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QuietCast Rear Brake Pad Set - P3 with Electric Parking Brake

Bosch QuietCast - BP1307 - 30671574 - 123986

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$43.95AXLE SET
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Bosch QuietCast
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Cross Reference
2449602, 244961702, 30671574, 30671575, 30742491, 30742516, 30794554, 31314554, 31317483, 31445796, 355012941, 52013070001, 52013070237, 52013070253, 52013070282, 52013070325, 52013070345, 52013070375, 52013070398, 52013070432, 52013070462, 52013070503, 52013070507, 52013070508, 602722, 8422D1307GMA303, 8422D1307GMA333, 8422D1307PMQ, BP1307, D13078422BR2102, D13078422BR6107, D81307, D81307MTX, D81307OC, D81307OSM, D81307SM, D81307T, EUR1307, FDB4237, LR027129, LR043285, LR043714, MDB2863, P86021N

Product Description


Bosch QuietCast pad sets are a great, standard replacment brake pad. Platform-specific, copper-free and semi-metallic friction maerials with pre-attached OEM style rubber core shims for steady, quiet operation.

Potential Product Fitment Issues


 These pads only fit models with rear electric parking brake.  Should fit vented brake and solid rotors.

There is no way to know how a car is equipped without physically verifying the car in question.

About Bosch QuietCast

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