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Air Conditioning "Silent Grip" Serpentine Drive Belt - P1 C30 C70 S40 V50

CRP SG003 - 123925

Item Number
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One Year Parts Warranty
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OE References
Genuine Volvo - 30777530, 8692955

Product Description

ContiTech's Silent Grip belts were developed to meet increasing performance demands. Silent Grip belts are a great option if you're experiencing belt slipping or squealing under load and will reduce noise. They are designed to handle the extra "start/stop" load and have an extra layer of rubber with teflon and textile fabric on the rib side of the belt.

Additional Technical Information

The "compact five" engine on P1-chassis Volvos like the S40, V50, C30, and C70 uses a relay-style accessory belt drive with two similar length belts: an outer belt runs over from the engine crank pulley/harmonic balancer to the air conditioner, and then an inner belt runs up from the air conditioner to the alternator.

These belts are not the same length, and care should be taken if replacing both belts at the same time not to mix them up.

This belt is the outer (harmonic balancer to A/C) belt.

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