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TCV Silicone Hose Kit

IPD - 122041

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We frequently talk with customers that have spent significant time, effort and money trying to get their boost control system  to function correctly, only to eventually discover that the problem with the system was the hoses. Cracking, splitting at the seam, tearing, breaking from brittle old age and even hardened crimps at bends can cause the boost control system to over-boost, under-boost or even behave erratically under different conditions. Let’s face it, Volvo’s reputation for high quality doesn’t necessarily extend to their choices in rubber products.

We carry a deep line of silicone hose product for Volvo cars and have dipped into that pool to create these cool new kits. The factory uses black hose with color bands to aid in identification under the hood. We use 5mm silicone hose in solid colors instead of bands. These kits include the lengths and colors of hose to re-plumb your original TCV or spice up the install of your new IPD HDTCV. The kit also includes six factory spring style clamps to secure the hoses and help give a finished look. This is much easier than working with the old hard and brittle lines and prevents your running around looking for new hose on garage day.

NOTE: The hose from the TCV to the wastegate actuator can be Green or Yellow.  This kit includes Yellow hose for wastegate actuator.  

While replacing these 3 vacuum lines it's not a bad idea to replace the compressor bypass valve (CBV) vacuum line too. It runs in the same "loom" and connects the port on the CBV on the turbocharger cover to the intake manifold. You'll want about 3 feet to ensure you have the proper length to cut to fit.

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