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HD Engine Torque Mount Kit - P80

IPD - 121570

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Genuine Volvo - 8631159, 30680750

Product Description

Volvo utilizes a couple different "torque mounts" on these models designed to limit torsional engine movement, specifically under acceleration. From the factory each of these are bushed with soft rubber to limit any transfer of engine vibration to the chassis of the car. While this would be nice in a perfect world, in the real world this means they fail rapidly. This results in excess engine movement that translates into slushy feeling acceleration, thuds during gear changes and excess engine movement. 

Some of our most popular updates/upgrades on these models for years has been to swap these mounts to our HD polyurethane mounts. Our updated mounts provide significantly longer service life and improved performance. In the car this means you'll have much crisper and smoother power delivery to the wheels. Our kit includes 3 main components that together will update all the soft rubber torque mount bushings on these cars. 

Kit includes:

  • IPD Polyurethane Upper Engine Stabilizer Mount (111038)
  • IPD Polyurethane Firewall Bushing Kit (115261)
  • IPD Billet/Polyurethane Transmission Torque Mount (120546)

NOTE: These polyurethane bushings are firmer than the stock rubber parts they replace and WILL transmit additional vibration. Especially if the motor mounts and or transmission mounts are worn. When you replace the worn out rubber mounts, much of the load is now supported by the new stiffer bushings and this can often lead to unwanted vibration, especially at idle on models equipped with automatic transmissions. It’s important to make sure that your other mounts are in good condition. 

Additionally, when replacing multiple upgraded polyurethane mounts this condition can be amplified. Firming up the engine mounting is a trade-off - better performance may come at the price of increased vibration and engine feel through the cabin.

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