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Front HD Suspension Kit - P80 850 S70 V70

Meyle HD - 121434

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Meyle HD
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2 common culprits of front end noise and slop in these models are control arms components (ball joint & bushings) and front endlinks. It's not uncommon to see failure of some of these components on these models within 20,000 miles even with OEM pieces under normal driving conditions. 

Meyle HD products help bridge the gap in longevity compared to the OEM components. They feature stronger, heavier duty pieces in the bushings and ball joints. Meyle offers a 4 year warranty on their HD line.

Our handy kit includes a pair of Meyle HD control arms and a pair of Meyle HD front endlinks. Instead of simply replacing the failed components, take the opportunity to improve upon them.

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Potential Product Fitment Issues

There are some variations on some model years of production that require physical inspection of your Volvo.

1993 and some early 1994 850 models had replaceable ball joints. The control arms in this kit will not fit the models with replaceable ball joints. You can buy the ball joint and bushings separately for those models.

The arms in this kit will fit all 1995 to 1997 850 models that have the ball joint integrated with the control arm.

Some 1998-2000 S70 & V70 models had "4 bolt" style control arms. The control arms in this kit are the "2 bolt" style arm. These are not interchangeable. Please inspect your vehicle to determine which style is equipped to ensure you order the correct kit.

About Meyle HD

MEYLE is a icon in automotive spare parts. They are used in over 120 countries around the globe the MEYLE brand is a hallmark of top-quality spare parts designed to meet the needs of the independent aftermarket. MEYLE products are readily available world wide and include over 24,000 items from the MEYLE-HD, MEYLE-PD and MEYLE-ORIGINAL product lines.

MEYLE HD is a upgraded product that often exceeds the OE quality of the parts that they are recreating. The MEYLE HD product is best for upgraded suspension pieces that will benefit from upgraded materials such as stainless steel, chromoly and poly. 

MEYLE products are extremely reliable and durable automotive spare parts manufactured at their own production sites and at trusted production partners. MEYLE boasts a comprehensive and highly diversified product range. Whether chassis and steering components, rubber-to-metal parts, brake components, suspension and damping parts, cooling system components, filters, drive train components, electronics or sensors – MEYLE is synonymous with top-grade quality-tested spare parts.

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