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Swedish Relics Open for Business

2015-11-13 - ipd staff

Our good friend and former coworker Cameron Lovre has spread his wings and opened shop to help us vintage Volvo obsessed junkies keep these old classics on the road. If you have an older Volvo that needs some love and attention, you can't go wrong by sending it to Cameron. He's one of the most well respected vintage guru guys around and his fame reaches well beyond the confines of Portland, Oregon. If you want you want your vintage Volvo cared for by someone who knows his stuff, give Cameron a call and check out his site at swedishrelics.com

About Cameron

Cam got his first Volvo – a '65 544 – in 1987. Since then, he's owned more than 70 Volvos manufactured between 1956 and 1972 (plus a couple newer ones, but they don't count).

In the 1980s, working for Bob Moreno at The Works in Eugene, Oregon, he received expert training focusing on customization, body and paint care, suspension tuning and more.

In the 1990s, he joined the team at ipd in Portland, Oregon, and quickly became their Vintage Guy. Shortly after, Shayne Green also joined the company and together, they expanded the product line and created ipd's Vintage Catalog.

A steady contributor to VClassics Magazine, both online and in print versions, he contributed to both the 'Ask the Experts' column as well as providing specific technical articles on topics ranging from simple maintenance, lighting upgrades, engine modifications and suspension improvements. Though VClassics is no longer active, some of these articles are still available online at www.vclassics.com. Have a look!

Swedish Relics started in the early 2000's, working out of a cramped and damp home garage in SE Portland. More than a decade later, the business became fully legit and incorporated and is now housed in an 1800 square foot commercial space in Hillsboro, Oregon. We've come a long way.

blog: http://www.swedishrelics.blogspot.com

Some of the services that Cameron provides are the following:

The Standard Stuff: troubleshooting and diagnosis of whatever ails your beloved old car; full ignition tuneups, carb tuning, fluid changes.

Engine rebuilding: bone stock rebuilds or performance applications. There are a lot of variables here, so this calls for a bit of consultation. Drop a note or give a call and let's talk.

Transmission rebuilding: anything from sealing them up and ridding the car of leaks to a full rebuild including new synchros, bearings, seals and other wear components.

Electrical repairs and upgrades, including restoration of your original harness or building a complete custom harness from scratch; lighting upgrades, alternator conversions, 6 to 12 volt conversions and instrumentation upgrades.

Fuel system service: we have more than 25 years' experience with SU carbs and D-jetronic Fuel Injection. Rebushing services – or rebushed carbs – available; full diagnosis and repair of injection systems. DCOE, HIF and ZS rebuilding and tuning. Djet retrofits and SDS installation/tuning also available.

Brake systems: anything from a simple adjustment to substantial upgrade, including front disk conversions for PV series Volvos, rear disk conversions for all drum rear models. Wilwood master cylinder conversions, single-to-dual master conversions, booster retrofits, adjustable bias valve installation.

Body and window seals: windshield, window, door, trunk and body seal replacement. Guaranteed to not leak. We're the only Portland area shop we know of that also installs the windshield trim.