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Volvo V60 (P5)

2019-2024 - P5 Platform

The global financial crisis in 2008 brought difficult times for the automotive industry, as cash-tight and credit-strapped customers bought dramatically fewer cars. Collapsing sales triggered a wave of bankruptcies, sales, and consolidations, with many old nameplates like Pontiac and Saab disappearing forever. Volvo, under Ford ownership, was seeing strong new product launches with its P1 compact and P3 mid- and full-size platforms, but even they saw sales shrink, becoming a liability for their corporate parent. In 2009, Ford thus sold Volvo to Geely Automotive, with the deal finalized and completed by 2010. 

By this time, Volvo had begun initial development of its next common car platform: "Scalable Product Architecture" or SPA. Designed for mid-to-full-size cars, this new platform (also sometimes called "P5") would be paired with new "Volvo Engine Architecture" VEA four cylinder engines, making all new Volvos constructed from the same building blocks.

With the specter of climate change and resource scarcity looming on the horizon, SPA and VEA were designed from the outset to support easy electrification. The "spine" of the car can mount a high capacity battery pack, and there's baked-in support for engine start-stop with an integrated starter/generator, hybrid and full electric drive, and plug-in, high voltage charging.

After the launch of the next generation of their bread-and-butter XC90 3-row crossover SUV and the S90 and V90 large sedan and wagon, Volvo released the next generations of the midsize S60 and V60 in 2019. Like their larger stablemates, these featured a host of advanced new technologies: Sensus touchscreen infotainment and navigation, "Thor's Hammer" headlights, automatic braking, self-driving features like lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control, BLIS blind spot monitoring, and hybrid electric drive on T8 models.

As with all SPA cars in the USA, the V60 is exclusively powered by VEA 2.0L inline four engines paired with Aisin-Warner TG-81 8-speed automatic transmissions, either in turbocharged "T5" or twin-charged (turbo- and supercharged) "T6" trims.

From 2021, a B5 replaced the T5. Still a turbocharged four-cylinder VEA, the B5 adds a 48-volt electrical system, large battery, and an integrated starter-generator replacing both the starter and alternator. Start-stop, regenerative braking, and an assist electric motor sandwiched between the engine and transmission makes this a mild hybrid, not able to run on electric power alone but still able to capture braking energy and re-use it during acceleration like an EV or full hybrid. With the B5, this made all V60s at least partially electrified.

In the range-topping "T8" (branded "T8 Recharge" from 2021 to emphasise the plug-in aspect of the plug-in hybrid drivetrain), the twin-charged four cylinder is paired with hybrid electric drive to bring overall power output to over 400hp. Besides the brisk pace, this hybrid drive also serves as the V60's AWD system, with the electric motor on the rear axle taking the place of the T5 and T6's Haldex-derived AWD driveshaft and AOC to drive the rear wheels under heavy acceleration or when front wheel slip is detected.

A special "Polestar Engineered" version of the T8 turns things up to 11, with stiffer adjustable Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes, and sporty interior and exterior trim.

The V60 Cross Country (CC/XC) takes over the place of the recently-departed P3 V60 Cross Country as Volvo's mid-size "soft roader" wagon, featuring standard AWD, increased ride height and ground clearance, rugged plastic body cladding, and T5 engines.

Despite the little 2-liter VEA engine being a "highly stressed" unit (producing as much as 360hp in some forms!), we've found the complete powertrain package of SPA cars like the XC90 to be pretty dependable in service, provided scheduled maintenance items like the timing belt are replaced at the proper interval and using the proper tools. Early SPA cars had some electrical and software gremlins with accessories and advanced systems like the self-driving technologies and infotainment, but newer cars and cars that have seen dealer service to iron out the kinks have matured nicely.

  • Second-generation V60
  • Mid-size 5-door station wagon based on the Volvo P5 (also called "SPA") platform
  • Sold in the USA from the 2019 model year to present
  • Available in the USA with 2.0L inline four "VEA" (also called "modular" or "Drive-E") engines
    • T5 models (turbocharged):
      • 2019-present: B4204T23
      • Replaced by mild hybrid B5 in 2023: B420T2
    • T6 models ("twin-charged", turbo- and supercharged):
      • 2019-2021: B4204T27
    • T8 models (twin-charged electric hybrids):
      • 2019-2022: B4204T39
      • Branded "T8 Recharge" from 2021
      • Replaced in 2023 by turbocharged B4204T57
  • Aisin-Warner TG-81 8-speed automatic transmission on all models
    • Updated to an AWF8G45 with the B5 mild hybrid, includes an electric assist motor
  • Available Polestar Engineered sport package on the T8, with stiffer suspension and special interior and exterior trim
  • Available R-Design, Inscription, and Momentum trim and appearance packages
  • T8 models are plug-in hybrids, able to charge the onboard hybrid battery via a charging socket and drive around 20 miles on electric power alone
  • Available AWD on all models, standard on T6 and T8:
    • Haldex-derived AWD available on XC/CC and T6 models
    • "Through the road hybrid" AWD on T8 models, with the electric motor driving the rear wheels and the gasoline engine driving the front wheels
  • V60 Cross Country (XC/CC) available with rugged plastic exterior trim and B5/T5 engines

Model information is based on the USA vehicle market. Other model variations may exist outside the USA.

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