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Volvo C30

2007-2013 - P1 Platform - T5, R-Design, Polestar

The C30 was introduced in 2006, marking Volvo's first return to the hatchback market since the rest-of-world-only 480 in the late 80s and early 90s. 

As with Volvo's other S40, V50, and C70 small cars, the C30 rides on what Volvo calls their P1 compact car platform. The first all-new car born under Ford's stewardship of Volvo in their Premier Auto Group, this platform was co-developed with Mazda (as the Mazda BK platform) and Ford of Europe (as the C1 platform) at Ford's Cologne, Germany development center.

C30s in the USA appeared in dealer showrooms with either the naturally aspirated 2.4i or turbocharged T5 "white block" five cylinder, all FWD and mated to either a 5-speed AW55 automatic or a compact variant of the M66 6-speed manual transmission made by Getrag and shared with the S60R and V70R. After 2010, the 2.4i engine was dropped, leaving only the gutsy T5 in the USA market.

The unique shape of the C30, especially with its rakish all-glass hatch, harkens back to the shooting brake P1800ES of the 1970s. With only two rear seats instead of 3, the C30 straddles the line between a coupe and hatchback, doubling down on style.

We got special access to a preproduction C30 here at IPD, and included in its 2006 launch press kit was our build for SEMA in Las Vegas. Slicing up and making drastic modifications to a car that wasn't even on sale yet was a little disconcerting, but our twin-charged, nitroused, and gullwing-doored concept made a big splash!

In 2010, a "facelift" exterior style debuted on the C30 following its S40 and V50 platform-mates' 2008 facelifts, with revised front and rear ends. Following a special, limited-run R-design in 2008, the R-design package became an option on all cars from 2010 to the end of production in 2013, featuring a different bumper lip, rocker panels, and interior trim. As with other P1 platform cars, a Polestar performance package was available to get even more power out of the T5 engine, but in the C30's case, a special Polestar Limited Edition version of the R-design package also added unique wheels, interior and exterior trim, and stiffer suspension.

  • First generation C30
  • Two door hatchback based on Volvo P1 platform
  • Sold in the USA from 2006 through 2013 model years
  • USA models were equipped with 5 cylinder gasoline engines:
    • USA normally aspirated models had a 2.4L engine, FWD and manual or automatic transmission, available through 2010
    • USA light pressure turbo models had a 2.5L engine, FWD and manual or automatic transmission
    • Polestar package for the 2.5L turbo offered more power
  • Available R-design trim package
  • R-design and Polestar limited editions

Model information is based on the USA vehicle market. Other model variations may exist outside the USA.

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