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Volvo 960

1992-1997 - 6 Cylinder Engine

By the 1990s Volvo felt the styling of the 700-series sedan and station wagon needed an update, but that the fundamental engineering underneath was still sound. As with the preceeding 200-series being a derivative of the 140-series, Volvo embarked on an extensive redesign program of the 740 and 760.

The result of this re-engineering effort debuted in time for the 1992 model year, with the 960 sedan and wagon taking the place of the outgoing 760. There were minor tweaks to the sheetmetal, but the most significant chages were at the front and rear ends, with a more aerodynamic grille and headlights, different taillaights, and (on sedans) a steeper-raked rear windscreen and revised trunk.

Like the range-topping 760 before it, the 960 had a four-link independent rear suspension, for improved handling and ride quality. Befitting its position as the flagship of Volvo's lineup, the 960 also came with luxury features like a moonroof and leather seats. The 960 was the launch platform for Volvo's new "white block" family of all-aluminum, DOHC inline five and six engines, which would stay in production for 25 years. 

In the 960 in the USA, power exclusively came from three liter, six cylinder B6304FS engines mated to 4-speed Aisin-Warner AW30-43 automatics. A "mk2" update to the 960 in 1995 brought the minor revision B6304FS2, plus updated exterior styling and a revised rear suspension that used a transverse fiberglass leaf spring in place of conventional coil springs; the compact leaf spring had much less intrusion in to the rear floor/cargo area, allowing the 960 wagon to use it in place of its carryover live rear axle.

The 960 (itself a 760 facelift) received its own facelift in 1997, becoming the S90 sedan and V90 wagon for its final two years of production. They were, in turn, replaced by the clean-sheet, P2-based S80 sedan in 1999 and V70 wagon in 2001.

  • Sold in the USA from 1992 through 1997
  • USA models were equipped with a B6304F normally aspirated 3.0L gasoline 24V DOHC inline 6 cylinder engine
  • Sedan models had a four-link independent rear suspension
  • Wagon models, due to higher load capacities and the shape of the cargo area, had a live rear axle until 1995
  • Both models had a redesigned independent rear suspension from 1995, using a transverse leaf spring instead of coil springs
  • Available "Nivomat" self-leveling shock absorbers on both sedans and wagons
  • USA models were equipped with an automatic transmission
  • Facelifted (but with the same powetrain) as the S90 sedan and V90 wagon for 1998-1999

Model information is based on the USA vehicle market. Other model variations may exist outside the USA.

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