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A Match Made in Heaven

2012-04-17 - Matt M

My mother used to tell me that ‘you cannot love a machine’. I used to tell her ‘but I do mom’! The smile that comes over my face when I hear the turbo spools up (which is the most amazing mechanical sound ever!), and the torque pushes me into my seat. The smile that comes over me when my T5 spanks other cars with over twice the displacement. The smile that comes over my face when I see the finished product from spending 8 -9 hours (literally) detailing my Volvo. All this emotion, all this happiness. What else could it be but love mom? Rest her soul.

The story of how my amazing 2002 S60 T5 and I came to be is a bit of a fairytale in my eyes. Proof, that car people and their cars have a connection and a destiny.

It was 2002 and I was driving a brand new Subaru WRX. This was my first turbo car. And I loved it. Over the years this car would be the 26 lbs of boost chuggin’ monster and fuel my passion for forced induction. I worked for my friend John who lived close to me. I would visit he and his wife’s house on weekends. On one particular weekend I was told that John’s wife Vickie purchased a new car. As a car nut I inquired to what the new car might be, a 2002 Volvo S60 T5. I was in my early 20’s and Volvo was not at the top of any kids list of cars to own. I was not totally interested in the car but appreciated it nonetheless. It wasn’t until John and Vickie went out of town and I was asked if I could house sit while they were gone. Vickie mentioned that I could take the Volvo out if I wanted. It had a turbo, of course I would take it out. The first night I stayed at the house I took a moment to appreciate the car visually in the garage. It was those 17” Thor wheels that sold me visually (no other wheel looks so good on the P2!). I decided to take the Volvo out to see what it was all about. My first impressions were how much more luxurious the Volvo was over my heater-and-a-key WRX. The auto climate control, power everything, toys all over the place! I was like a kid in a candy store of technology and safety.

It wasn’t long after I depressed the gas pedal with my foot did I find the beast of a TD04 spooled up and my hands were managing the torque steer. And after a couple pulls I was hooked on this car! I was seeing it in a light I never saw my WRX in. This car was wolf in sheep’s clothing! A luxo-sports sedan! I loved it, sadly it did not belong to me. And nor would it for some time. Volvo’s were out of my price range for only being in my early 20’s. Besides my WRX was still brand new…

Years passed, in fact seven of them. I had sold my WRX and had owned a few more new cars as time went on. I was still on the sidelinesenjoying the Volvo from a far as it was still owned by someone else who loved and babied it. The Volvo was garage kept, always was (and to this day still is), and very well cared for. It was the pride and joy of another person. Still, I loved seeing the car when I came over to John and Vickie’s house.

On a sunny Sunday morning in April 2009 my friend John came to my work. Not for personal reasons, just to shop. John and I eventually conversed for a bit and at the end of our conversation he mentioned that Vickie was selling her Volvo. My eyes widened, my heart jumped and possibly stopped for a moment. My response was no sh!+? How much? And that was all there was to say…the Norse Gods had smiled upon me.

I purchased my beautiful Volvo from Vickie, the original owner, on May 9th 2009. The car had a mere 68k miles on it and it was 7 years old and very well cared for. Vickie had a hard time parting with it. Can’t blame her really. I used to get text messages from her stating (and jokingly) that she wanted her car back. To this day she still loves seeing it. She now owns a 2011 S60 T6, who knows maybe I can own that one too(?).

My Volvo now has 113k on it and is my daily driver. I love to drive this car. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. My Volvo and I were meant to be. Since buying it I have added an intake, 3” Cat-back exhaust and some other bits here and there. I am thankful for finding ipd, all my parts havecome from them. If it wasn’t for ipd, I could not have shared my story with them. Thank you ipd.