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850/70 series Sway Bar Kits Now Offer More Options

2010-11-19 - Rob Arnold


ipd's front sway bar for 850 & 70 series models from 1993-2000 feature a dual hole moment arm design. This allows you to adjust the stiffness of the front bar to suite your driving style. Installing the endlink into the rear hole increase sway bar stiffness by approx. 15% more than our standard single hole front bar which balances oversteer and promotes flatter cornering. This is commonly referred to as a 'tighter' setting. Installing the endlink into the forward hole will provide a 'looser' setting and allows a bit more roll and oversteer. Either setting will provide a far more neutral handling suspension than the stock bars offered. For those who are more spirited in their driving or perhaps compete in autocross or similar events the tighter setting is likely the more desirable. For those who are more daily driver oriented and still want improved handling but not to the point of competitive driving, the looser setting is likely more desirable.