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Dipstick and Tube Upgrade for Early 850, C70, S70, V70 Volvos

2019-07-24 - ipd Staff

Volvo 850 and Volvo 70 series models from 1994-1998 used a standard style dipstick tube and a dipstick with a single O-ring to seal it at the top. These early Volvo dipsticks have a problem where they begin to leak at this O-ring after years of use. This causes improper vacuum in the crankcase but the most common issue we actually see is that air and water vapor leaks into the tube and condenses on it. It is incredibly common to pull a dipstick on one of these models in the winter time and see the oil on the stick look milky and chunky from the water condensing on the tube and mixing with oil. This often gets confused with a blown head gasket where someone assumes that the car is starting to mix oil and coolant! 99 percent of the time this isn't the case and it is the faulty dipstick set up on these models!

This kit updates the car to the later style Volvo dipstick tube and better dipstick. The updated Volvo dipstick uses a double O-ring and is a much tighter fit in the tube. Sometimes these dipsticks can actually be a bit difficult to install the first go around into the tube. Putting a thin coating of oil on the O-rings will ease install.

Our kit includes the updated 99+ dipstick, tube and a new base seal to seal the tube to the oil pan.

Also keep in mind that if your Volvo dipstick is popping off the tube and there's a rattle under the hood, it may be a good idea to check the PVC system on your Volvo.

Upgraded Dipstick and Tube - part #139855