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Timing Gear Tips for 1962-75 Models

2019-01-22 - ipd Staff

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If you have a vintage Volvo with a B18 or B20 engine and you've had problems with short timing gear life, here are a few tips to consider.

Check the timing gear oiler to make sure it is properly positioned to direct oil into the intersection of the gears and make sure it isn't plugged.

Inspect the steel crank gear for signs of wear or corrosion. Often when an engine is disassembled for rebuild the crank gear begins to rust. Any signs of corrosion or pitting and the gears should be replaced as a set. Avoid cleaning the gear with an abrasive of any type as this will usually leave a rough surface on the gear that will rapidly chew up the fiber cam gear.

On a related issue, inspect the crank hub sleeve for wear grooves or tool marks that can quickly ruin the timing cover seal and lead to serious oil leaks. Small scratches may be removed with emery cloth. Sometimes, it's possible to flip the sleeve over and have a new smooth sealing surface.