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Fuel Filter Locations

2019-01-22 - ipd Staff

Disclaimer: Direct from ipd’s Tech Tip archive!  This tech tip contains information from previous publications.  Products mentioned may not be available or the information may not be accurate due to changes in supply, manufacturing, or part number association.  Please contact ipd Customer Support if you have further questions.

Caution: When replacing fuel filters keep in mind that the old filter contains a considerable amount of fuel that will need to be safely handled and disposed of. Also keep in mind that most systems will have some resid-ual pressure in the lines. Have plenty of old rags available to catch any fuel that spills.

1970-731800E & ES, 140 and all injected 164 models

These models have the filter located under the car at the passenger side rear near the fuel tank. The filter and pump are mounted to a protective sheet-metal housing. To access you'll need to remove the shield. A floor jack, jack stands, 7/16" socket, ratchet, 4" extension and a flat blade screwdriver is required.

1974 140, 1975-1981 240 & 260 Series and 1982 240 models with K-jet

These models have the fuel filter mounted in the engine compartment on the driver side firewall. You'll need a good set of Metric end wrenches and possibly a large set of channel locks or a strap wrench to hold the filter.

1982-93 240, 1983-95 700 & 900 Series

These models have the filter mounted underneath the car, just in front of the driver side rear tire. You'll need a floor jack, jack stands, a good set of metric end wrenches, 12mm socket, 4" extension and ratchet to replace the filter.