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Drivetrain: Worn U-Joints?

2019-01-21 - ipd Staff

Disclaimer: Direct from ipd’s Tech Tip archive!  This tech tip contains information from previous publications.  Products mentioned may not be available or the information may not be accurate due to changes in supply, manufacturing, or part number association.  Please contact ipd Customer Support if you have further questions.

Worn out U-joints can make a variety of noises. The most common indicator is a light metallic click when you first accelerate from a standstill. Light acceleration and deceleration can often cause the U-joint to click continuously (as a test). Checking for a faulty U-joint should be left for the experienced do-it-yourselfer or your mechanic. Have U-joints inspected at least annually, as complete U-joint failure can be dangerous and very expensive.

U-joint replacement on most Volvos is not easy. For best results have them replaced by an experienced Volvo specialist or drive-line shop.

Since it is difficult to measure the width of a U-joint when it is installed, we have provided the width of the U-joint yoke, which can easily be measured with a set of calipers.

If the yoke width is 2-3/4" use the 2-5/8" U-joint #101563

If the yoke width is 3-1/4" use the 3" U-joint #101564

If the yoke width is 3-1/2" use the 3-3/16" U-joint #104512

NOTE: Whenever removing the driveshafts from your Volvo, be sure to index the two shafts together so you can make sure they are re-assembled in the proper orientation as yoke alignment and balance is critical. An error here will result in a mild to severe vibration at speed.

  • #1 Flange bolt and nut kits
  • #2 Rubber center driveline mount.
  • #3 Cup washer #682707 (Fits most models 1975 and newer)
  • #4 Spring support #683537 (Fits most models 1975 and newer)
  • #5 Yoke width