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TKi Motorsport Inks Partnership with IPD for 2010 Season

2010-03-08 - ipd staff

We're excited to announce our partnership with TKI Motorsport. You can check out the official press release at the bottom of this page. To learn more about the car, their race schedule other information check out there site at https://www.tkimotorsport.com (broken link.) We'll also be posting results on our website.

  • Manufacturer: Volvo
  • Model: S60 Challenge
  • Engine: Factory modified, sealed B5234T3 5-Cylinder Turbo
  • Engine Builder: Volvo Motorsport
  • Weight: 2700 lbs.
  • Power: Approx. 300 hp
  • Torque: Approx. 300 lb/ft
  • Max RPM: 7000 RPM
  • Engine Management: Bosch ME7
  • Transmission: Tractive Motorsport 5 Speed Dogbox
  • Suspension: Ohlins 2-Way Adjustable
  • Brakes: AP Racing 4 Piston/355mm Disc
  • Tires: Michelin Racing Slick
  • Class: NASA Pro Racing GTS3

TKi Motorsport Prepares S60 for 2010 NASA GTS3 Season
Lakeville, CT: March 30, 2010:
With the 2010 NASA Pro Racing GTS3 racing season less than a month away, TKi Motorsport returned to Lime Rock Park the past weekend for
meticulous and intense testing.

The 2009 season was exciting for TKi, however with numerous exclusive marketing partners signed, along with new technical changes to the S60 Challenge race car, TKi could not be more
ready and well prepared for 2010.

“We had an outstanding weekend of testing, and much of it is due to the efficient and enthusiastic crew.  We were able to run numerous laps to gather data, and make adjustments
accordingly.  We are in a fantastic position for the upcoming season, and look forward to the challenge for the championship this season,” says Josh Koropchak, Driver and Team Principal
for TKi Motorsport.

Watch the in-car flying lap from the recent test at Lime Rock Park in the video linked below.

NASA Pro Racing Northeast Calendar

  • New Jersey Motorsports Park – Lightning Circuit – April 16-18
  • New Jersey Motorsports Park – Lightning Circuit – May 28-30
  • Pocono Raceway – July 16-18
  • Lime Rock Park – August 13-14
  • Pocono Raceway – September 4-5
  • Watkins Glen International – October 1-3
  • New Jersey Motorsports Park – Thunderbolt Circuit – October 29-31

TKi Motorsport Scores Podium Finishes at NJMP Race Weekend 

Millville, NJ: April 18, 2010:  TKi Motorsport races to podium finishes during the NASA Pro Racing season opener at New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Circuit.

The fifteen-minute qualifying session Saturday morning saw nearly fifty cars on the 1.9 mile race circuit. Being first to grid, driver Josh Koropchak had nothing but open track. His flying lap  landed him in third position for the race start. With the drop of the green flag, Koropchak found himself on the rear bumper of the second place car. However, due to increased traffic, he was  forced off track, unfortunately falling to eighth place. Later, while charging hard through the last turn of the circuit, a car in class spun out on the front straight. With racers trying to avoid the  spinning car, Koropchak bolted through an opening in the chaos, advancing nearly three positions. Crossing the finish line, Koropchak of TKi Motorsport raced his way back to third for podium contention.

For Sunday’s race, Koropchak once again battled fiercely with class competitors.  With a smaller pack for this race, there was less traffic, however being mixed with faster and slower classes, Koropchak once again had to weave his way through, planning every turn in advance.  At the end of the final race, Koropchak and the team clinched second place.

“Josh’s driving has strongly matured since last season.  With the forty-five laps logged during Friday’s practice session, coupled with the two, thirty-plus lap races, track time is paying off considerably.  His ability to execute passes and plan maneuvers in advance has improved significantly.” said Ricky Marrero, Team Strategist for TKi Motorsport.

The TKi Motorsport Volvo of Josh Koropchak will appear at New Jersey Motorsports Park  Lightning Circuit on May 28, May 29, and May 30.

TKi Motorsport 2010 sponsors include VolvoCountry.com, IPD, Exim-Cars, Swedespeed.com, SweetGFX.com, and GTPlanet.net.  For Sponsorship opportunities, please contact info@tkimotorsport.com. 

For more information please visit:

TKi Motorsport Appears at Volvos at IKEA 2010 Event

Conshohocken, PA: April 25, 2010: On Sunday, April 25th, TKi Motorsport appeared at the Volvo Northeast community’s annual Volvos at IKEA event in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Despite the damp weather, the meet was a success with over one hundred people in attendance.

On site, TKi Motorsport displayed their Volvo race car to the Volvo community for the first time. Enthusiasts were able to sit in the race car for photographs, and talk in depth with the team. TKi also hosted a free raffle for the attendees, which included various items from the Volvo Collection courtesy of VolvoCountry.com, t-shirts, stickers, and posters courtesy of IPD, and TKi prototype parts and team apparel.

“It’s fantastic that IKEA of Conshohocken, which happens to be the IKEA North American Headquarters, allows the Volvo community to host such an event at their location. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was a great experience being able to share TKi’s enthusiasm for Volvos with the rest of the Volvo community” said Josh Koropchak, Team Principal.

The TKi Motorsport Volvo will appear at Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals May 21, May 22, and May 23. TKi’s next race weekend is New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Circuit on May 28, May 29, and May 30.