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200 Series with Slipping Clutch

2019-01-21 - ipd Staff

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There are two possible causes of apparent slipping other than a worn clutch. The 200 series models since `79 do not use a clutch return spring. Usually this set-up works fine. Occasionally we've had customers with new clutch components installed that still have slippage problems.

If you've encountered a similar problem, installing a clutch return spring to the clutch fork may solve your slippage problem. Solution: Use a 140 series spring (attach it between clutch fork and cross member). Before tackling this area, check-out the next set of symptoms to see if they match what you're experiencing.

The other possibility is related to the overdrive. If you still have slippage after installing a new clutch, chances are the clutch in your overdrive is failing. (If this is the case, it is especially noticeable in reverse and first gear, but it won't be slipping while engaged in overdrive.) Solution: See you dealer or a qualified repair shop to check out your overdrive unit.