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700 Series Door Panel Removal

2019-01-14 - ipd Staff

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Sure it may look at first like a crowbar may be the quickest method but if you follow these instructions you will still be able to reuse the door panel. The panel removal will take about 15 minutes and installation not much longer as long as you carefully keep the fasteners in a safe place so you can find them.

  • First unscrew the inside door lock knob(A) and set aside.
  • Pry the red light lens (B) from the side of the panel. There are two different styles of clips here -either the lens and a fork style clip or the lens has a fork integrated in to the lens. Remove the clip by prying toward the rear.
  • Inside the door pull where the latch handle is locat-ed there is a slotted clip. (C) Turn a half turn and remove. The trim piece will now lift out. There are fingers that engage the front of the trim in the door panel so lift out the rear of the trim first while you lift out the electric window switch panel. No need to unplug the switch panel as the door pocket will come off with it in place. tig?
  • Remove the speaker grill. (D). The early style can be gently pried and it will come straight off. Behind the grille there is one single screw that holds the panel to the door. Remove the screw. The screw to be removed is not one of the four speaker screws. The later metal grille is pushed forward and this disengages the fork style clips that hold the grill and the panel in place. There are no screws to remove on this style grille.
  • Finally there are three clips (E) under the door pocket. These are pried out with a screwdriver.
  • Now there is nothing holding the panel to the door except a few clips that will require a gentle tug to pop them free. You can do this by working your fingers between the panel and the door.
  • Once all the clips are free you simply move the panel up a couple of inches to disengage the window scraper and pull toward you.