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2019-01-14 - ipd Staff

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Want to save money on car repair bills? A recent editorial in 'Brake & Front End' magazine recommends a book written to help you do just that: it's called your "Owner's Manual".

Even though millions of people have an owner's manual, this best seller remains one of the most underuti-lized books in print. Most car owners never open it unless they need to figure how to open their sunroof or prepare to tow a boat.

But, you can save money on servicing your Volvo by referring specifically to the maintenance records man-ual included with the owner's manual. By following the service calendar, you can add miles - - and years — to your Volvo. For instance, you or your Volvo mechanic can give your car a once-over at every oil change, alert-ing you to worn or unsafe parts, as well as comprehensive inspections at regular intervals. Though this costs more than the quickie oil-change shop, such faithful servicing has resulted in cars with over 200,000 miles and no major repair work.

Look at it this way: reading your owner's manual now can lessen your chances of unpleasant reading in the future, such as reading a hefty repair bill or the paperwork for a new car loan.