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Volvos Fan "Tastic" Heaters

2019-01-09 - ipd Staff

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Volvos heaters have always cranked out lots of heat. When everything is in working order, you can choose from low, medium or "Roast". The most common failure is a dead or noisy fan motor. Although its possible to get by without a blower motor, the condition can make for dangerous driving. The most dangerous condition is attempting to drive with an obstructed view due to a build up of frost or ice on interior glass from the lack of a properly functioning defroster fan. Replacing the heater blower motor is quite a job on 200 series models and can turn into a several day job for the inexperienced. Experienced mechanics can do it in under 2 hours. What's your time worth? Do some research to see if it is a job you can tackle, but don't run the risks associat-ed with postponing the job.

Another common problem on 1975 and newer models is dis-connected or cracked vacuum lines on the cli-mate control vent actuators. The ventilation controls are actuated by small vacuum servos, any leak or disconnected hose can render the whole system ineffective. If this seems to be the problem, start inspecting the system of hoses beginning in the engine compartment and work your way to each component. A hissing sound at idle is a good indicator that there is a leak in the system. The heater control valve is sort of like your home thermostat. If you have a tough time regulating the temperature and find yourself constantly increasing and decreasing the temp setting check the control cable adjustment and make sure it is tight and that it is properly adjusted (200 series). If it checks out OK, the thermostatic action of the valve has probably failed.