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P2 Chassis System Check

2019-01-09 - ipd Staff

Disclaimer: Direct from ipd’s Tech Tip archive!  This tech tip contains information from previous publications.  Products mentioned may not be available or the information may not be accurate due to changes in supply, manufacturing, or part number association.  Please contact ipd Customer Support if you have further questions.

Curious if your late model (P2 chassis) vehicle has Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) in any of the control units? An easy way to check with no tools needed is via the instrument cluster information center. To access this mode, turn the key to position 2, press and hold the read button on the turn signal stock, press the rear fog lamp button twice and release. The information center will respond with "Checking for DTC's". Continue pressing the read button to cycle through the modules in your vehicle. Modules will respond with either "Ready" which means no codes, or "DTC's in vehicle".

Although this method will not give insight as to what the code is or how long it has been there, it is a good way to keep tabs on your vehicles network and the modules therein.