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Brake Light Fix for Volvo 200 700 900 series

2018-12-13 - ipd Staff

Jared with IPD will be talking about taillights and specifically a common problem that we get a lot of calls on about the Volvo 200, 700, and 900 series wagons.

On your taillight, you'll see your ground strip and all of your positive contacts for your lights. The problem that arises with these is the brake light builds up heat in the socket especially around the brighter bulb. Because of the heat, the plastic material will melt and cover up a metal contact, which causes brake warning lights when you're driving the car around. This common problem is just a poor design from Volvo.

We'll be demonstrating on a Volvo 740 showing how to rewire the taillight. It's important to note that the same steps apply for 200 and 900 series Volvos. Whatch the video to see how.