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Video: Common Problems with the P2 Chassis

2016-06-22 - ipd staff

ipd has built a foundation on providing helpful information when it comes to maintaining your Volvo. Some of that information gets collected from within the walls here at ipd and we receive a lot of feedback from independent repair centers and customers working on their own Volvos. We also work with vendors and manufactures by gathering input and tips about common failure items within the Volvo market. All of this information is shared and resourced throughout the Volvo community. Our goal is to take all of that information and source the highest quality products. If we see an opportunity to develop a product better than what’s currently available, ipd’s got you covered! We love being able to help you find the right products that fix those pesky issues you may or may not be aware of.

In this tech tip video we highlight some of the more common points of failure related to your Volvo. Some of these items may be cosmetic and some may be integral to how your car operates mechanically. If you have suggestions about other products that weren’t mentioned in this video or if there’s something you would like us to highlight in a future video please let us know.

Thanks for watching!