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Video: Volvo Axles and CV Joint Overview and Common Failures

2016-02-25 - ipd staff

Your FWD/AWD Volvo needs assistance from an axle to move forward in life! If you have an axle or CV joint failing, it can be a little tricky to diagnose what part has actually failed. Our recommendation would be to visually inspect these parts as a first step. A torn boot on the CV joint or axle is fairly common. Torn boots will allow debris and grime in the joint wearing down the internals. A loss of grease is a quick way to end the life of an axle. Aside from common noises and vibration that occur with failed axles, other tests can be performed by you or a reputable mechanic when inspecting these components for failure.

CV joints and axles use to be very expensive to replace. The good news is there’s plenty of options in the aftermarket for replacement axles. You do have to be cautious of low quality options. Don’t worry! ipd has you covered with high quality versions at an affordable price!

Axles and CV joints can be a tricky one to diagnose when these parts begin to fail. Torn boots that allow dirt and grime in the joint and the loss of grease are quick ways to end the life of an axle. There are a few other ways to see if your Volvos axle is in need of replacement. For more information check out the video above as Ken drops some knowledge on the topic.