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Ipd Volvo Service Light Reset - P80 (850, S70 / V70 / C70)

2014-02-17 - Ipd staff

IPD Volvo gives you some helpful tips when resetting your service light.

Take a look at this detailed video walking you through the steps for each model.

One problem we have seen the average do-it-yourself encounter at home is keeping up service and regular maintenance on their vehicle. One great way of reminding yourself is by checking if the service light is on. Or the more appropriate name the service reminder indicator. Do not confuse this with the CEL (Check Engine Light) which means there's something wrong with your car. No, the service reminder indicator comes on at mileage intervals periodically to remind you to perform basic service on your vehicle. However,  this doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong. In the video, we'll cover the various procedures for resetting the service reminder indicator. Then we'll talk about what kinds of service may or may not be needed based on that indicator on your vehicle. 

There's some good and bad news for owners of Volvo 1996-1998 models. The good news is it's effortless, and the bad news is it requires a special tool. The tool is getting very difficult to obtain. The manufacturer still makes it, but we can't find any place selling it. You may have to explore the option of possibly just removing the bulb. When you get the tool, it's rather simple to do the reset. Watch the video above to learn more.