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Wiper arm fix for 850 models

2013-04-05 - IPD Staff

Video Transcript:

Cameron from IPD Volvo is going talk about a widespread problem that comes up frequently on Volvo 850 models; especially if live somewhere with frequent rain. In Portland, we get a large amount of rain, and it's become known to us over the years and happened to many of our cars that for some reason the wiper arm specifically on the driver's side tends to unform. As the wiper arm sweeps it starts lifting, and you get poor contact on the windshield. With most of your windshield unkept you end up with loss of visibility and a lot of unswept areas that are right in your field of vision. So today we're going to go over the most efficient way of fixing this. 

A couple of tools you'll need are some rags to help protect the wiper arm blade, a couple of pairs of vise grips, and channel locks. You don't necessarily need to use the channel locks, but they make fine-tuning a little bit easier. For starters, we are going to readdress why the wiper malfunctions and what our first steps to fixing it are. Watch the video to learn more.