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Video: Tire Rotation & Tread Wear

2013-01-10 - Cameron Daline

Cameron with IPD Volvo discusses the proper way to rotate your tires and how to determine if your Volvo may need an alignment.

Rotating tires. It's important on any vehicle to rotate tires once in a while. Camerons going to cover where do I rotate the tires, do they go front to back or corner to corner, and what are some things I should consider while I'm doing this.

So first let's talk about tread pattern. Now tread pattern refers to the pattern of tread that touches the ground. So some tires are going to be designed, and you can always denote that by looking at the side of your tire. You'll see a marking that shows rotation with an arrow meaning it only goes one way. If you see that, that signifies the front-left needs to move to the rear-left and then you just swap those two. That way you have your directional tires rotating the correct way. Now in the case of an asymmetrical tread pattern, it can go both ways. It's not a simple directional tire so that means when you're rotating you go corner to corner when you can. Watch the video to learn more.