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Upsizing Your Volvo Wheels

2013-01-10 - Cameron Daline

Ken and Cameron go over the things to consider if you want to upsize your wheel and tire package for your Volvo.

Today Ken and Cameron are going to talk about upsizing your wheels. They are going to touch on why you would do just that, what are some of the iterations to take into account when you do this, and what pitfalls may exist and how do you avoid them. 

Why would you want to upsize the wheel and tire package on your car? Honestly, for most people, it's just about the aesthetic of a larger wheel with a smaller tire. With the end game goal being a more aggressive look and a better stance. We've seen people also do it because they want a shorter sidewall; that'll give you better responsive steering. Some people will also do it because they think the larger wheel and tire package saves weight thereby makes the suspension work better.

Some of the primary considerations that need to be taken into account when you're upsizing are going to be keeping your overall rolling diameter the same. In order to achieve this, you'll need to shrink or increase the sidewall aspect ratio. You need to make sure you're making that difference up somewhere. For example, Ken's holding a 17-inch wheel, and on the car, we have a 19. That means that there's a big difference left over so how do you make up that difference. We have to take the 17-inch tire we have on away and go with a 19. Like we stated before you're doing this to keep the same roll in diameter at the sidewall while at the same time adjusting its aspect ratio. What the video to learn more.