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Video: Proper Wheel Removal & Installation

2013-01-10 - Cameron Daline

Cameron goes the process of removing and installing a Volvo wheel and points out some important things to consider.

All right today we are going to talk proper wheel installation of to your Volvo. Now while it might seem like a simple task, there are a few important keys to doing this that can help you preserve the finish of your wheels, properly torque them down and adequately center them so that when you're driving, you don't get a wobble. The first thing we're going to talk about is breaking the lug nuts loose. Now if you jack the car up and you try and do the lug nuts the wheels kind of spin a little bit, so it's a lot easier to break them loose first.  summary 

To get this job done, we have a couple of tools that we use for this. We don't recommend using an impact gun on this though. Unless you're not too worried about the finish on your wheels, now while those work well they can scratch the surface of the wheels and the lug nut wells pretty quickly, so we tend to do this one by hand. I'm going to use my breaker bar half inch drive with a 19mm socket. Now depending on what lug nuts you have you may need a different socket. Now, as long as you have the right one and it matches that's the critical part. Now if you don't have a breaker bar and you want to have a cool portable tool to keep in your car or in your toolbox we have are a couple of other options. One of them is this by Gorilla, and this is an extending lug wrench. So this piece here extends out and gives you lots of leverage. It comes with the most commonly needed sockets that work on any model Volvo. Another option we have is another one made by Gorilla as well, and this is actually like a standard tire iron. This one collapsible to take up less space. All you got to do when you want to use it is pull those off and lock them in place and then you got four different sizes to work on pretty much any car out there. So those are the options that we have for these. Let's get to it and break these lug nuts loose.