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Wiper Identification and replacement

2012-11-19 - ipd staff

IPD's Chris looks at the variety of different wiper blade configurations Volvo used on late model cars and demonstrates how to replace the blades.


Hi there Chris Delano here with IPD and we're on the topic of winterization. One of the things that we're going to talk about is a product that is overlooked when it comes to visibility. That forgotten product is your vocals wiper blades. IPD's got an assortment of wiper blades for all late-model Volvos and what we're going to do today is help you identify which blades are on your car and how IPD can help.

First, let's talk about how to identify which wiper blade came on your late Volvo. Volvo utilizes two different styles, and you're going to notice these terms on our website, especially if you're looking to replace wiper blades. One is a frame style blade, and it's a wiper blade that hosts this big long frame with the rubber or silicone insert right here, compared to a frameless blade found on later model ovals like this on this car here in front of me, this right here is a frameless style blade. Starting in 2001-2004 Volvos utilized that j-hook style wiper arm that incorporates a frame style blade. Midway through 2004-2005, Volvo included that frameless style wiper blade also known as the beam style blade. 

So first off, let's identify what kind of blades are on your Volvo before you go on shopping throughout our website once you've determined which wiper you need for your Volvo. What we like to do, is show you a few helpful tips on how to remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm itself starting with the frame style. 

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