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Pollen Filter Replace S40, V40, V50, C30, C70 2006-2012, S/V/XC70 2001-2012, S80 1999-2012, XC90

2012-11-02 - ipd staff

IPD talks about the reason for cabin filters, recommended replacement intervals and how to replace the pollen filter in your late model Volvo.

Video Translation

Hi there Andrew with IPD and today we're going to be doing a pollen filter installation on this P2 V70r. What a pollen filter does is keep anything from mold spores and air contaminants from entering the cabin of the car. The P2 models are shown behind me here have got two different filters that were available one was an inch and a half thick filter it was charcoal impregnated filter, the other one was an inch thick paper filter. The charcoal filter came with cars with an intake air quality system that basically automatically shuts the recirculating door when it senses smog or external contaminants cars without this system do not do this. 

Typically the interval for changing a pollen air filter or cabin air filter would be about 15,000. So starting off the installation on Volvo P2 models we're gonna start by removing the side kick panel on the center console. There's one plastic screw lock over here that can actually be to be turned to the left and then pulled back. Simply go ahead and slide the pipe kick backward and the hole kick panel should remove after removing the side kick panel on the center console we're gonna go ahead and remove this lower foot bolster that's covering the actual air box for the pollen filter. There's going to be two different screws a Torx 25 here and a Torx 25 here we're gonna go ahead and remove that panel and pull it down. QAfter we've removed that kick panel we're going to go right underneath here and there's going to be four Torx bolts or screws basically we're gonna remove these to expose the cabin air filter. If you've purchased a one-inch thick filter you slot one if you have purchased a one and a half inch thick filter you slot two. On vehicles that were not originally equipped with a one and a half inch thick filter and would like to use one simply break off the plastic tab circled in the picture with a pair of pliers. Either way a one-inch or one and a half inch filter will work for your application it is not recommended to run two filters together due to the stress placed on the blower motor. Here with the p2 cabin filter, you'll notice that on the sides of it you'll there are perforated sections so this one's divided into thirds. Generally, it makes it a lot easier to break these little perforations like so, this allows you to actually go past the floorboard and maneuver the pollen filter up into the airbox housing. 

All right now that we've completed the installation on our P2 V70r here. We took the old filter which was the one and a half inch thick charcoal impregnated filter and replaced it with the same. This one is the one-inch thick paper filter that we also offer. If you've got any questions in regards to ordering or what filter you have in your car, go ahead and give us a call we can give you some assistance with that.