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Pollen Filters for 850 1993-1997, C70 1998-2004, S/V/XC70 1998-2000

2012-10-30 - ipd staff

IPD talks about the reason for cabin filters, recommended replacement intervals and how to replace the pollen filter in your 850 1993-1997, C70 1998-2004, S/V/XC70 1998-2000 Volvo.

Video translation 

This is a cabin air filter we're going to go ahead and install this today on this P80 chassis specifically an S70 Volvo. This cabin air filter is here to remove any sort of unwanted air particulate that might be entering the air cabin while you're driving. The factory suggested an interval for change on a pollen filter or intake air capping filters 15,000 miles and this is really going to varying to be dependent on driving conditions and road conditions in your area it's dustier you might need to replace it a little bit more often than a climate or road conditions that are not so dusty. 

All right now we're going to go ahead and start on the installation of the cabin filter on this S70 Volvo here we're going to need a Torx 25 driver or socket anything you can attach to a ratchet and we're going to also need a set of plier. Let's get started!

Now to remove the cowling there's going to be three screws one two and three and then there's going to be a hose clamp around this rubber drain tube. We're going to remove all three and then we're going to remove the cowling. All right now we're going to go ahead and slip the cowl out from underneath the windshield. Going to have to be very careful with this to make sure that you're not going to end up tweaking the plastic too much. So we're going to come forward and down and then lift up. To remove the filter it's very simple after you get the cowl off that's about the hardest part, we're just going to reach down inside and lift up on the front side of the filter and pull it right out. 

The filter that we've removed from the Volvo S70 is an old style paper filter very cheap and very generic. Doesn't have a lot of the external plastic structure that this one does. This new filter is a charcoal impregnated filter that we'll be able to install. If you find that your car does not have a pollen filter in it or a cabin air filter in there. We do sell an adapter many of the P80 chassis did not come with them so if you get in there and you find out that you don't have one and you would like to install a pollen filter we sell the adapter for it. 

All right now that we've gotten the pollen filter in the procedure for going ahead and putting everything back together is going to be the exact reverse of what we did to take everything apart. So if you've got any questions in regards to ordering a pollen filter or have questions about a pollen filter, in general, please go ahead and contact us.