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Video: Workshop and Service Manuals for Front Wheel and All Wheel Drive Models

2012-10-22 - ipd staff

Without a service manual it can be like cooking without a recipe - sure you can get through some things without it but the hallmark of a quality repair or service job is tidiness and precision. Things like assembly sequence and torque values matter - all of which can be found in a manual. Check out IPD's video for further details about what manuals we offer and which is right for you.

Video transcript

Hi, Cameron and Ken here might be to talk to you about service manuals for your newer model Volvos. By newer I mean everything from 1994 850 series on up to brand new scans going to talk to more specifically about some of these manuals we have available and first up is the Chilton manual Chilton manual Chilton has been around a long time actually one of the original publishers in the US this is actually you expect manual covers all kinds of different models everything from the late rear wheel drive cars up through the front wheel drive cars this is a good manual if you have a bunch of cars you're working on doesn't really go in-depth on any of the cars. 

Yeah so next up let's talk about a more specific one which is the Haynes manual for the Volvo 850 series. Now this is a US spec manual for the 850 series covers that car stem to start probably the best manually stock these days, most of the Haynes products these days are not like this and they're actually, European market manuals which are brought over into the US and sold for us cards which are similar, this is actually for US spec cars. 

Speaking of that subject now we move into some of the ones that we have the cover some more of the models and also our UK-spec that Ken was talking about. So this one covers the Volvo S70, V70's and C70 models which are the P80 chassis 70 series cars you'll hear it refer to as. Sometimes it's confusing to look at these manuals because we sell cars in this country based on model year and in Europe that you generally refer to them by registrations and so this manual covers 96-99 even though in the US we think these are 98-2000 Volvo's

Another great example of that is, for instance, this manual which covers the V70 and S80 and they were launched in 99 here in the US. One of the strange things about this manual is that it doesn't cover the 6-cylinder engine which was in the majority of the early S80 sold in this country right. 

Now moving on there's a couple of the printed manuals are available. One of them covers what we call the net car chassis which is S40, V40 which here in the states we had from 2000-2004 they got in different years there so the years are a little bit different here showing 96-2004. 

Not to be confused with the P1 chassis line the Volvo S40 V50 also the C30 and some of the C70s which began selling here at mid-year 2004 again there's confusion with looking at the model years on these because they sell it differently in Europe. 

Remember what these the difference with the European version versus the American version is going to be kind of minor a lot of the cars are going to be shown is right hand drive they use some weird terminal July heater matrix instead of heater core and boot and bonnet things like that but all the major mechanical things are going to be the same and they can still be very useful for you when you're working on your Volvo especially for the DIY jobs like brake jobs, tune-up jobs, and etc.... 

So what do you do if you have a newer model car that doesn't have a printed service manual and why do though not print a service version any more or service manual anymore and why does Haynes and Chilton not print them for newer models. The main reason behind this is because Volvo switch to a digital system back in the 90s they use a system called Vadas now they use a system called Vida this is all proprietary software stuff that can be very tough to get into your hands especially if you don't have a subscription there are some pirate versions out there functionality and legality of that though is not really there so unless you're a shop willing to pay a whole bunch of money to have a video subscription active Vida membership then you're kind of out of luck to a certain degree. 

Now, what else can you do there are other places you can find information online there are companies like obd2.com which is obdii.com or all.data which are some higher-level functionality subscription services that also have some personal services where you can sign up and do it yourself. You can find great information here like what your obd2 codes mean some more the specific set by manufacturers some procedures etc now there's also some information you can get straight from Volvo for real basic stuff you can get your owner's manuals online that's sometimes a little-known fact but you can search them online through Volvo and if you sign up through vulval you can find a lot of that information just free there's also Volvo tech Infocom and there you can order all sorts of information from them by module by model by car by subject by service bulletin by many of those