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Guide to Acceptable ABS Control Module Cores

2012-07-17 - IPD Staff

Many rebuilt products have a refundable core charge associated with them.This means that we may be able to credit you for the core if it's in rebuildable condition and you return the old used part in the box we sent you the new one in.

This is common for parts like mass airflow sensors or Anti Lock Brake modules. These rebuilt/remanufactured parts are not new parts technically, but are professionally refinished and rebuilt with new components to bring them back to a like new state with new functionality.

To do this, remanufacturers need usable original parts (cores) to start with for the rebuild. If the core they start with is damaged in a way that is not fixable they will not accept it as it's not a servicable part any longer. 

Usable cores must be free from "mechanical" damage such as crushing, bending, broken housings, etc. The most common damage we see to ABS module cores that come back unusable is damage to the plastic case around the module. The pictures at right show this sort of damage that makes this core unusable and not eligable for a core charge refund.

This is an example of a NON useable ABS module core. Notice the damage around the perimeter of the casing. Broken and/or damaged housing are not rebuildable and are not eligable for core charge refund.

Another example of a NON useable ABS module core. Damage to the housing and broken plastic. This damage makes this module not acceptable as a refundable core.