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Why does IPD sell Genuine Volvo Spark Plugs? What should I use?

2012-06-13 - Kevin Rutledge

In 2010 IPD started offering Volvo spark plug sets. We did this for a variety of reasons, but primarily because they work better than any other option.

We did a survey of Volvo specialty shops in our area and discovered that 90% of them were only using Volvo spark plugs. We asked why, they simply stated that the Volvo spark plugs always worked. No customers coming back with engine performance issues related to spark plugs.

We brought a few different Volvo sets to look at. We had assumed that they would be your typical overpriced copper plugs but we were pleasantly surprised to find that Volvo is selling premium grade plugs at a reasonable price.

All the plug sets (excluding the older 4 cylinder B230) are premium grade plugs such as Bosch Yttrium, Bosch Platinum or Denso triple electrode coppers (non-turbo models.)

We used to get frequent complaints about the premium Iridium plugs we sold but since we started selling Volvo spark plug sets, the number of complaints about spark plugs has completely stopped.

We've found that basic copper plugs also work very well in most Volvo engines, but they only last about 10,000 miles in direct fire ignition (coil-on-plug) engines.

If you think about it, Volvo engineers had to define precise specifications for spark plugs that would allow their cars to get good fuel economy while delivering top performance, pass emission tests and meet or exceed the scheduled service intervals.