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What Light Bulbs Fit My Volvo?

2011-08-17 - Cameron Daline

One of the more common inquiries we receive is what bulbs fit where on different Volvo models. This seemingly simple question is actually somewhat convoluted.

Over the years Volvo has used dozens of different bulbs for headlamps, turn signals, interior lights, etc. In some cases, bulb applications were even superceded and updated to different style bulbs during normal service. We've also found that there is still a lot of variation for the same application over all the different model years of particular models. Because of this it can be quite difficult to provide full application listings with each bulb.

There's a few different ways to properly identify which bulb you need for which location on your particular Volvo.

  • Consult your owner's manual -- all commonly replaced bulbs (headlamps, signals, etc.) will be listed by bulb type in your owner's manual.
  • Visually identify the bulb in question -- most bulbs will be marked with designation and usually wattage/voltage as well.
  • Consult Osram Sylvania's extensive online bulb guide (linked below).

Click here to visit Osram Sylvania's extensive bulb guide.

 While we don't always use the same part numbers for bulbs as Sylvania or Volvo we do always list several alternate and cross reference part numbers with each bulb. This means you can search our website by Volvo bulb part number or Sylvania bulb part number and still filter to the correct bulb.