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Strut comparison between XC70 & V70 P2 models

2011-03-22 - Kevin Rutledge

2001-2007 V70 P2 models use different front struts than the increased ride height 2001-2007 XC70 P2 models.

V70 models use the same front strut as S60 and S80 models (some models have FOUR-C suspension which is the same ride height but electronically controlled.)

Installing V70 struts on an XC70 will lower the front end of the car about 1.5 inches and it will make the ride much more harsh because the springs are more compressed.

The XC70 strut shafts are longer and the spring perch is in a slightly different location (higher up on the strut housing.)

It's difficult to get the perspective right when taking pictures close up, but these should help: