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Typical Vacuum Elbow Locations - 850/70 Models

2011-03-04 - IPD Staff

These two vacuum elbows used on 850 and later models fit in a variety of different places. Our kit includes the elbows that most commonly get soft and fail over time. You may not use all of them depending on the condition of each one in the vehicle.

The elbow that is different sizes on each end is used primarily in two locations. First, the nipple located on the pass side of the intake manifold behind the power steering pump & second on the intake tube right after the MAF.The elbow on the intake manifold is used on 850’s that were built Oct 95 and later and the 70 series up to 2000 (check your vehicle to be sure).

The other elbow is found on the SAS valve vacuum line and solenoid, four are used in that system, and also found on vacuum tree under the throttle bell crank cover.