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Identifying Brake Lines on Vintage Models

2011-03-03 - IPD Staff

Not Sure Which Brake Line Kit You Need?

444 and 544 models from 1957 to 1965 all use the same kit: 5214.

122 models use two possible kits; up to 1965, kit number 5216. 1965 and later use 5209. If you're not sure, check the front lines: if the steel lines pass over the upper A-arm, use 5216. If the steel lines pass under the frame at the rear of the crossmember, use kit 5209.

1800 models are usually easier to identify: if you have drum rear brakes (1962-1969), use kit 5219. Please note: a small number of these cars use an alternate rear brakeline - and we can't identify which are correct by year or VIN. If you have 4 wheel disks (1970-1973), use kit 5200.

If you have a 140 or 160 series, we're sorry - stainless kits for this model are not currently available.