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Using Sil Glyde to Lubricate Brake Pads & Hardware

2011-03-03 - IPD Staff

We sell a product called Sil-Glyde that is commonly used by automotive service shops to maintain safe and quiet operation of the brake system. Properly lubing the brake system hardware and pad-to-piston interface is critical to ensure system longevity and safe performance. Failure to lube the hardware can lead to caliper binding and cause uneven pad wear, poor brake response and possible overheating of the brake system in severe cases.

All Volvo front and rear disc brake systems benefit from the application of Sil-Glyde. Applying Sil-Glyde to the sliding pins and back side of the brake pad helps to ensure quiet, squeal-free performance. Do not allow Sil-Glyde or any other product to contaminate the friction side of the brake pad or rotor.