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Parking Brake Adjustment

2011-03-03 - IPD Staff

It seems like it takes no time at all for the E-brake to loosen up and no longer hold your vehicle securely. Adjusting the E-brake is a good idea when you are already servicing the rear brakes. Fortuantely if you aren’t replacing rear brakes the only thing that requires removal is the wheel itself.

Once removed, locate the E-brake adjuster through one of the lug bolt holes. The adjuster has a notched wheel that can be located at approximately the 12 o’clock position. Using a flat blade screwdriver, adjust the notched wheel one tooth at a time and then rotate the rotor checking for drag. A correct adjustment will include a small amount of noticeable drag while rotating by hand. Do this for both rear wheels.

Once completed proceed to the interior of the vehicle and remove the small cover located in the pocket underneath the center console arm rest. Locate the E-brake cable adjustment (Torx 50) and tighten as needed to take up any slack in the cable. A properly adjusted E-brake will have nearly maximum hold at 4 to 5 ‘clicks’ of handle application.