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Front End Shake 700/900 Series

2011-03-02 - IPD Staff

Symptoms Include:
• Harsh steering under braking conditions
• Steering wheel shimmy & accelerated tire wear

The strut rod bushings in the front suspension are a high wear component. Even though Volvo has upgraded the replacement bushing several times over the years, our experience tells us that these bushings should be checked every 20,000 miles and replaced if worn or at 50,000 mile intervals.

The design of this bushing underwent several versions since the introduction of the car. Early models had a simple rubber grommet with a steel sleeve as a spacer, which was updated to a design with a steel cone in 1987. A few years after that, the second design received some additional rubber bolstering to increase strength and longevity, bringing it to a third format which was the final version. 

Even the latest version is prone to rapid wear and failure. We developed this polyurethane upgrade kit years ago to fix this problem. IPD part #8K0058 is the answer.