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Cameron & Shayne: Where Are They Now?

2009-03-09 - Ken Pruett

If you have a vintage (or not so vintage) Volvo and have done business with ipd in the last decade or so, you are probably familiar with Cameron and Shayne. The (at times overwhelming) majority of tech calls and info requests regarding vintage cars were handled by the two of them for years and Cameron also handled virtually all of the website traffic during the years that the site went from very little to very big. They were also instrumental in the process of building the stand-alone vintage catalog as we see it today.

Shayne’s little red “Radio Flyer” wagon has been a consistent cover shot and parts model in the ipd vintage catalog and elsewhere for years. It’s one of those cars that transcends the different genres of our customers and always brings out the cameras. Combined with his grey sedan, he has two of the prettiest Amazons in the west. It sure wasn’t easy, but he’s relentless. And for those of you who care, they are daily drivers.

Cameron has always walked a different path and it can be a little crooked at times. When he first came to ipd he was sporting about in a strikingly ugly 122 with D-jet electronic fuel injection from a later 140 installed. Why? I think only he understands. That car went away and was replaced by a much prettier one and for a while things were on the mainstream side. But then the talk started of superchargers and intercoolers and things haven’t been quite the same since.

Both Shayne and Cameron were part of the ipd team for quite a while. We miss having them here on a regular basis and we’d like to believe they miss us a bit as well. Either of them will tell you that this was a memorable period in their lives shared with customers, co-workers and friends. Both have been to meets around the country and close to home and have formed a special camaraderie with our extended Volvo family.

People frequently ask about them and what they are up to, so here’s the answer. Cameron went back to school, completed his degree and received his education certificate. He does some substitute teaching and is looking for a permanent position. Shayne is still in the band Smoochknob. Both of them take on a little mechanical work on the side and the pushrod Volvos around Portland have never run better.