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ABS Control Module Replacement

2009-03-09 - Adam W. (ipd Customer)

When you are replacing the ABS controller, be VERY careful when lifting up and flipping over the black cover for the connector for the data connector (shown in blue).

DO NOT PRY ON THE CONNECTOR OR THE MODULE TO TRY TO SEPARATE THEM. This cover is designed to move the locking tabs for the data connector out and up to release the complete connector from the module. It has a hinge on the engine side. Flip the cover over and watch the connector lift up out of the ABS module socket. If this process worked for you, great! Get busy getting those 4 E5 external torx bolts out. Wipe that smile off your face.

Now for the rest of us who have flipped up the cover and NOTHING moved. You are looking at the back of the connector (unplugged from the module for photo) and you are seeing this:

Right next to my finger is a leg sticking straight up on a black tab that slides into the blue connector. That tab holds the blue data connector to the two football shaped pins on the module (that you can’t see when it’s plugged in). There’s one of these tabs on each side of the blue connector. You can pull each tab out of the connector individually if you are careful. If not, I suggest getting a bandaid right now.

To pull these locking tabs out, place a pick or small screwdriver into the U shaped area on the side of the tab and pull gently at a 45-degree angle towards the motor and the lower corner of the windshield. The tab will grudgingly slide out and then up lifting the connector out of the socket on the module. You may have to slightly wiggle the connector to get it to move, but it should rise up as you pull it out of both sides. Only pull it out enough to remove the connector from the module. I had to pull it about an inch max. Photo 2 (black flip up cover removed for photo) shows why you have to pull out and then up and shows the U shaped area where you need to put the pick. Photo 3 (black cover reinstalled) shows how far I had to pull each tab out.

After disconnecting the 2 wire connector to the pump and removing the 4 E5 torx bolts from the module (come on splurge get the tool - ipd part #T9580) on a small ¼” drive, the module will slide right off the pins. Replace with the new module and put in the new bolts from the kit. Plug in the 2 wire connector for the ABS pump and fit the blue connector into the socket in the module. Push down LIGHTLY and slide the black tabs in with your fingers to lock the blue connector to the module. The U shaped areas will be flush with the blue connector. Make sure it is locked onto the module by pulling up lightly and flip the black dust cover back in place. Don’t forget to clear your codes before driving.

Thanks to everybody at ipd and I hope this helps.