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1996-1998 850 & S70/V70 Stage III Performance Kits


During the fall of 2005, the staff at ipd noticed that 1994-1998 Volvo 850 & S70/V70 T5 models were becoming quite popular with the Volvo performance crowd. These models can be purchased for a reasonable price and have a lot of performance potential that can be easily and economically tapped.

Ken Pruett (who heads up ipd's ECU programming department) convinced us to develop a Stage III package using his 1998 V70 T5 5 speed. Ken, several members of our staff and a few of our customers worked hard on the project through the winter. They developed an outstanding range of products that produce great bang for the buck without overstressing the stock engine or drive train.

The main components of our Stage III kit are a Mitsubishi 18T high-flow turbo, a custom high-flow downpipe, sport exhaust and Stage III ECU software.  Other optional components include Aquamist water injection, a RIP (Reverse Intercooler Piping) kit and a high-flow exhaust manifold upgrade. We also have a larger intercooler for some models.