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IPD in Lego Form! IPD Lego Building by Vancouver Brick Customs

2020-04-14 - Megan Russell - Marketing Director

Recently we were contacted by one of our biggest fans on Instagram,
vancouverbrickcustoms, who had been secretly putting together a fully custom IPD USA building recreation in Lego form!
We were absolutely amazed and honored to be immortalized in one of his amazing and iconic Lego pieces, 
so we had to get the build information and put it in our blog.

Thank you again to @vancouverbrickcustoms for the breakdown on this amazing one of a kind Lego build. 

Here is his write up on how he made this amazing model work.

I first started by looking at pictures of the building. Going by the scale of the doors and windows, I was able to get the correct length and proportions for them. Getting these dimensions was the biggest part to ensure that everything else would work out later on. I then added connecting pins and split it into 3 sections so that it could be moved easily.

Next, I built up the first section, mostly so that I could get an idea of more scaling and the height that the shop would be.

I built up the rest of the building facade and decided to add the epic IPD USA sign. Although the building does not have a sign, I thought it would be a nice touch and would compliment the building well. At this point, I ran out of parts and had a bit of a difficult time. So, I took apart my police station kit and my own garage building that I had to allow me to go a bit further.

After some part orders and secret substitution of parts in the back wall (part of the back is red now haha) I was able to scrape enough together to get the product that I posted! I completed the key awning piece with parts I ordered from Europe.

I then finally posted what you see here! I added a few more touches and took some nice shots of it. It still isn’t done, as I’d like to do the pavement in dark gray instead of light gray and also fix the colours in the back and add an interior. Overall, it’s been a fantastic project and I’m very happy to have done it!

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