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2019-08-09 - IPD Staff

This cute little diaphragm goes inside the oil separator/breather box assembly on most of the Volvo 5 cylinder P1 and P3 cars.
When this diaphragm is compromised or torn, it results in the famous "idle squeal of death" while stuck in daily traffic.

There was a chassis break early in the Volvo P1 cars but any cars that have had PCV dealer service are likely updated to the later style. If your early car has been updated to the later style box (indicated by part number 31338685 on the top cover) and the diaphragm has failed again, this is the diaphragm that fits 31338685.

For all Volvo P3 five cylinder Turbo (Volvo S60/ V60/ XC60/ V70) and Volvo P1 five cylinder (Volvo C30/ C70/ S40/ V50) from engine 3285662- onward.