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IPD Suspension Series: End Links

2019-04-05 - Megan Russell - Editor Chris Delano

It is fair to say, that to fully understand the purpose of a sway bar end link and how it works, you will need to understand how an anti-sway bar benefits your vehicle. One really cannot exist without the other. Check out our article on anti-sway bars here:

IPD Suspension Series: Anti Sway Bars

Lets recap: When you go into a corner with your car, the weight of the car transfers to the outside of the turn. The anti sway bar helps with keeping all four tires in contact with the road.  The sway bar end links connect the bar to the vehicles suspension.

The name end link speaks for itself.  In order to maintain a comfortable ride allowing your suspension components a reasonable range of motion, manufactures “link” the chassis using these types of products that endure a range of motion, heavy loads, without causing pre-load. With larger diameter anti sway bars, it is always suggested that you upgrade your sway bar end links to help with heavier loads that the heavier sway bar can transmit. IPD upgrades their end links with larger shaft diameter and better ball socket components to handle the increased pressure while limiting deflection. 

Since your end links are vital in keeping your suspension connected, it’s important to check up on them regularly. Torn boots will allow water to saturate the ball socket. In harsher climates debris and road chemicals can cause the ball socket portion of an end link to seize or fail.  In some instances they can become extremely loose causing rattles and clunking while driving over the smallest bumps or imperfections on the highway. 

Adjustable end links are especially helpful for racing applications or vehicles that are especially low.  This can help you maintain your anti sway bar geometry at different ride heights.  It is not common or necessary to utilize a adjustable enld link on most lowered or everyday driven vehicles.   

End links can become extremely annoying and noisy when they fail. It is not uncommon for a corroded end link to eventually break.  Like we mentioned earlier, the end link “links” your suspension.  If the end link is not connected, your Volvo will have unwanted lean and roll leading to dangerous driving characteristics.  before they cause extreme failure that could lead to other parts in your suspension system.


IPD’s heavy duty end links feature a polished ball for lower socket erosion protection, upgraded grease and polyurethane boots. Each of these components together leads to a much longer service life than the factory part. The sway bar grommet bushings are also upgraded to durable polyurethane.


IPD Volvo offers a large array of upgraded anti sway bar end links for P1, P2 and P3 Volvo's.