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P3 Series IPD Exhausts

2019-03-29 - Megan Russell

The last series of Volvo Exhausts that we are going to cover are the IPD Volvo P3 model exhausts. P3 being 2011+ S60 T6, 2014+ V60 T6 and R, 2008+ S80 T6, 2008-2009 V70 T6, 2011+ XC60 T6, 2009+ XC70 T6 . IPD Volvo has created exhausts that cover the model year and submodel changes between most of the performance driven P3 Volvo chassis.

As we refresh our knowledge on Volvo exhausts this week, it is always good to go over what we have covered.

Changing how your engine breathes will make a world of difference in performance and fuel economy. Especially for you forced induction fans! Depending on the Volvo you are modifying, you will have many options as far as header back, cat back or axle back exhausts. How your Volvo reacts to an exhaust will matter entirely on the platform.

To get the peak performance out of your P3 Volvo, we highly suggest getting a performance downpipe. The IPD Volvo High Flow Downpipe for the T6 models, part number 139383, is made out of 304 stainless downpipe is mandrel bent and hand welded for an impeccable bolt-in fit. The downpipe mounts in the stock locations and by using a 150 cell metal catalyst, it will cause no errors or malfunctions to seamlessly preserve your civil drive. The marked improvement in throttle response from the decrease in back pressure and faster spool time won’t hurt your feelings either.

Remember, a freer flowing system not only brings out the engine sound itself but it also allows your Volvo's turbo to push out exhaust pressure quicker and build more power at an earlier RPM as the result. This means the turbo can spool up sooner and add power to the mid range where you can really utilize it. The biggest contributor to Volvo turbo efficiency with our kit is the performance downpipe, which is a larger diameter from the stock downpipe and thusly creates greater flow.

Along with our high flow performance downpipes we offer a few Volvo cat-back options to continue to create a freer flowing exhaust system with a very nice tone.

For the S60 and V60 T6 models we have part number 139384IPD Volvo SS Cat back Sport Exhaust. Our Volvo T6 exhaust kits are beautiful and functional. This 304 stainless system is mandrel bent and hand welded for an impeccable bolt-in fit. The note is pleasant on the street and audible from inside the car without being annoying. You certainly won’t offend the neighbors with this system, but you may just smile a bit more on that morning commute. IPD Volvo's cat back performance exhaust kit is a direct bolt-on to the stock downpipe or IPD’s performance downpipe as mentioned before. This exhaust kit is supplied with round slash cut tips which directly match models through 2013. In the same styling and quality we offer the same exhaust for the 2013-2015 S60 T5 model, part number 125773 and the 2012 S60 T5, part number 125639.

As always, ff you have any questions about which IPD Volvo Performance Exhaust would be better for your Volvo, please contact our team of Volvo Experts today!


Most exhaust systems will be legal, however we do advise our California customers to check what their current laws dictate, January 1st 2019 on.